Our Partner School in Xi’an, China – Yahan and Wenxiao

Chinese Coffee Course for Adults



We offer the course we call “one cup of coffee course”. This course is addressed to all who want to start learning Chinese from scratch. The price per person is only of 2 € per hour. In fact, it is the price you would pay for a coffee. So, it is like if you invited us to drink a cup of coffee with you. This is our cheapest course.

If you are a beginner and have never learnt Chinese before, and you would like to make friends during the class, this course will be your best choice! Between 10 and 15 people will learn Chinese together in one class.


Class level: This course is designed for beginners. Here we are going to prepare you for the levels HSK1 and HSK2 for Chinese as Foreign Language.




Coffee course information:


55 hours = 3,300 minutes

90 minutes once

Three times a week


You can choose:

Mon/Wed/Fri class  &   Tues /Thurs /Sat class


You will learn:

300 Chinese ideograms

Level 1

Hsk1-2 grammar


Questions about the coffee course:


How long does it take to complete the HSK1 level?

In the preparation course for the HSK 1 level, all Chinese ideograms will be provided along with Pinyin.

Depending on your learning frequency and personal progress, we recommend a part- time study of 6 months before taking the exam if you are a total beginner.


What will I know after this course?

You will be able to say the most basic sentences, for instance, you will be able to introduce yourself by telling your name and age, you will be able to say where you come from and which is your country of origin. You can say basic sentences in Chinese about yourself, your family, and you can even order your meal in a restaurant in China.



Coffee class

Class of more than 10 students



110 €

55 hours

36 lessons (90 minutes per lesson)

2 € per hour

Valid for 3 months

Book your course at any time!

Write us to: info@promosaik.com


Yahan Sun

Hi, I am Yahan,

I graduated from BAOJI university where I completed my degree in Pedagogy of Art.

After that, I attended a course of one year on Teaching Chinese as a Second Language to Spanish Children at the university of Comillas Pontifical. Finally, I got my master’s degree in “Innovative Education Laboratory” at the University Carlos III in Madrid.

I have studied and lived in Spain for almost five years.

I am an open-minded person who enjoys art in life, and I have been working as a Chinese teacher for foreigners for almost 5 years now. The best part of being a teacher is that you can experience the change and improvement in your students.

I passionately believe that teachers can change the world by teaching.

I also love languages, and I am a lifelong leaner. And I love nature!


Wenxiao Duan

Hi! I am Wenxiao Duan.

I come from the charming ancient city of Xi’an in China which was the capital of the 13th dynasty in Chinese history.

I love history and culture so much that I study them with passion to share my knowledge about my mysterious culture with others.

During the last years, I established a kindergarten by achieving so many things that I had never thought before.

However, I lost a bit of passion, but I have always known that I like learning and sharing Chinese culture. So, I decided to attend a master’s course on international Chinese language teaching. I hope to share my knowledge and learning with people who are interested in our language and culture. I believe that culture is a bridge connecting people through care and sharing which make this world a better place to live.